AI Meets Hip Hop in Innovative Music Partnership

DigiTrax Entertainment, a pioneer in the music technology industry, brings its artificial intelligence (AI) expertise to the popular hip-hop segment.
With the introduction of KR38R Beats, a unique AI product specifically geared to the hip-hop artist, DigiTrax recognizes the importance of hip-hop music and how it is a great fit for AI technology. The company has paired with Spotlite, a popular and established singing performance app, to create “Rapping with the Robot,” a contest for aspiring hip-hop artists.
The contest is scheduled to begin on Thanksgiving Day and end on New Year’s Eve.
Prizes include an all-expenses-paid recording session, with professional production and distribution across all major platforms.
“We focused our AI on the most relevant segment of music in today’s streaming economy,” says Joe Vangieri, CEO of DigiTrax Entertainment.
“Hip-hop beats comprise one out of every three streams, and generate billions in revenue.”
The KR38R Beats product is based on the Music Builder program, DigiTrax’s unique and innovative technology that helps artists harness the power of artificial intelligence. Artists can feed ideas into the program, which then serves as a composing partner and allows them to create more songs more quickly.
Spotlite is a free, direct-to-fan singing app designed to allow amateur and professional vocalists to sing original music, covers, and karaoke across all musical genres.
“As a fan, you used to go out and buy CDs to support your favorite artist,” says Juan Munoz, general manager of Spotlite Media.
“With the change in how fans ingest content, Spotlite has not only allowed fans a new way to directly support their favorite artists, but the fans become the tastemakers. Through our contests, fans tell us who should truly be recognized for their talent,” he explains.
Other benefits of using artificial intelligence in creating original hip-hop music include greater profitability and protection for the users under copyright law.
“Because we own both the publishing and the sound recording that our AI has written,” Vangieri explains, “this gives us free reign to fully exploit both sides of a song – the publishing and the sound recording.”
DigiTrax plans to introduce several more contests in 2019 to showcase the way its technology is transforming how music is created and enjoyed.
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